Kendra is a young dancer who holds a strong passion for performing and being on-stage. Starting dance at the age of three years old, and growing up with a welcoming dance family she has always felt that dance was a safe space to create and express how she is feeling. This passion has grown over the years as Kendra continues to express herself through choreography and creation. 


As her dance journey continues, Kendra navigates the transition between studio life and a professional dance career. In this process, she has since moved to Vancouver to attend the Intensive Training Program at Harbour Dance Centre. Her hope is to one day be signed with an agency or to dance on a Cruise Ship. Finding new ways to move and create Kendra is feeling so inspired and excited to share her discoveries with friends and students back home.  


These past few years have been a huge learning lesson for everyone, and Kendra has learned to embrace every moment and take nothing for granted. Receiving the overall Dance Excellence award has been an amazing opportunity, and Kendra would like to thank all her dance instructors for making it possible. She cannot wait to pass this award down to the next deserving performer and wishes all the dancers competing this year a wonderful festival. 


Thanks again!


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