Dancing since the young age of three, Caitlin’s love for dance shines every time she steps up on stage. With her mom as one of her dance teachers, and her sister as one of her dance inspirations, Caitlin’s love for dance grew immensely over her competition years. Having the opportunity to learn and train from well-respected choreographers has inspired Caitlin in ways she hopes to inspire others. 


Throughout her journey, Caitlin has developed a deep love creating choreography and aspires to continue. Pre-COVID, Caitlin trained in Vancouver at the Harbour Dance Centre and strived to audition for an agency in April of 2020. Unfortunately, COVID took this opportunity away from her and she returned home to Prince George. Caitlin is now in her first year of the Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program at CNC with plans to master in Aesthetic Dermatology. Until then, Caitlin shares her craft  teaching and choreographing at her local dance studio and hopes to one day expand her opportunities as a choreographer.


Being awarded the Overall Dance Excellence Award was a goal Caitlin pursued following her sister's 2016 win. Caitlin can’t thank her dance teachers and everyone involved in the Prince George Dance Festival enough for this award. Growing up on the PGDF stage and sharing it with many other passionate individuals has allowed her to grow as a dancer and artist in this small but thriving city. Caitlin wishes everyone good luck during this strange year and encourages everyone to take risks as artists. It is within these risks that you will experience growth.


Thanks again!

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