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Keira has been dancing for 13 years at Dance Your Hart Out. She started with ballet class and as she grew as a dancer, she quickly found a love for lyrical, contemporary and jazz. 


Throughout her dance journey, Keira has fond memories of watching many beautiful dancers receive the PGDF Dance Excellence Award, but never expected to be among the recipients. Being selected for this award is an honour she will never forget. The encouragement and support of her dance community, mentors, family, friends, and competitors have played a significant role in shaping her journey, and she is profoundly grateful for this recognition. 


Keira would like to thank the teachers, PGDF, and all the sponsors for their support and commitment to having a great festival. She wishes everyone good luck at the 49th Prince George Dance Festival!


Previous Winners

2022    Brielle Hamelin

2021    Kendra Hamelin

2019    Caitlin McCormick

2018    Makenna Thiffault

2017    Shayla Dyble

2016    Abigael McCormick

2015    Kennedy Heitman

2014    Amber Downie-Back

2013    Tristan Ghostkeeper

2012    Tristan Ghostkeeper

2011    Margaret Keery

2010    Mathew Cluff

2009    Olivia Herman

2008    Izaak Smith

2007    Izaak Smith

2006    Kaitlin Mathis

2005    Merdith Page    

2004    Cai Glover

2003    Shawna Jacobs

2002    Shawna Jacobs

2001    Megan Thwaites

2000    Megan Thwaites

1999    Eira Glover

1998    Eira Glover

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