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The Prince George Dance Festival is a volunteer run organization.  Many volunteers work behind the scenes all year long to make this long-standing festival a success.

We rely upon each participating Prince George based dance studio to provide a minimum number of volunteers to work at the festival each year.  This number is based upon the number of participants from each studio.

Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience!  We could not run this festival without YOU!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Backstage – Hallway Only (2 volunteers needed per shift)

Organize dancers into running order in the backstage hallway.

  • Help to keep dancers calm and quiet.

  • Send dancers into backstage area when needed.

  • Occasionally help to move props on/off stage when needed.

  • Be able to manage groups of dancers in a mature, firm and respectful manner.

Competitor Board (1 volunteer needed per shift)

  • Operate the laptop computer program (Powerpoint) which displays the Class and Competitor number of each dancer on the TV screens inside Vanier Hall.

  • Basic familiarity with Powerpoint is helpful.

  • You will sit in the front row of the audience.


Concession (2-3 volunteers needed per shift)


  • Serve customers at the concession.

  • Handle cash and give correct change.

  • Help to serve dinner.

  • Help to restock concession, prepare for the day, etc. when needed.

Doors (3 volunteers needed per shift)

  • Open door in between each performance so people can enter / exit.

  • Close door each time bell rings.

  • Hold door closed to make sure people don’t enter Hall during performances.

  • Check to make sure no food or drinks are brought into Vanier Hall (water is fine).

  • You will be inside the Hall during the performances.

Ticket Table (2-3 volunteers needed per shift)

  • Sell tickets for individual sessions, daily passes, and weekly passes.

  • Sell programs.

  • Handle cash and give correct change.

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