Registration for the 2020 Prince George Dance Festival is now open. For those of you have registered, we look forward to hosting you in March. You can log into your DanceCompGenie account for registration confirmation.


Updated instructions for DanceComp Genie

  1. All entries must be entered and confirmed within the system by Midnight, Friday, January 10th 2020. You will not receive an additional confirmation period as you will have the opportunity to view and make changes within the system up to and including this date.

  2. Payments will not be accepted online, you must mail in cheque similar to other years.

  3. All solos, duos and groups from a studio need to be entered under one studio account.

  4. Song and Dance solos and duos need to be entered as both the entry type and category.

  5. PGDF reserves the right to alter the ages and categories based on the number of entries. For example the system may show that a solo has been entered in 6 and under, but it may end up in the 8 and under category.

  6. You only need to enter the entry type (solo, duo, or group) and the category (classical ballet, modern, etc.) the system will automatically slot you into the proper age category. However, the system will only calculate the group age based on the average – it does not have the capability to drop the oldest and youngest and recalculate the average age. If you want PGDF to manually re-calculate the average age please indicate this in the notes section.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us:


Mary: 250.565.1505 or Twylla: 250.552.500